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Published Oct 15, 21
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They won’t buy a teardown, but that also means they’re likely to offer a better price. Where can you get a cash offer? Not sure how to find a cash buyer in your market? If you’re looking for a fast, easy home sale, we’d recommend our Simple Sale platform. Through Simple Sale, Home, Light provides you with an all-cash offer for your home.

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According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2020 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers, homes recently sold with the assistance of an agent went for 35% more (at an average $295,000) than homes sold by owner (an average $217,900). The same study showed that homes listed with agents sell for a median 99% of their asking price.

However, if you choose to work with an agent, you’ll need to accept that the buyers you attract aren’t guaranteed to pay cash. In addition, you should find an agent who can and will do everything in their power to execute a speedy sale. In that case, experience and a history of successful sales matter big time.

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That means not just any real estate agent will do. To give yourself the best shot at selling quickly, partner with an agent who has a track record of selling homes like yours quickly. For that, you can look at days on market data and their transaction history Days on market (DOM) tracks the time between when a house is listed and when it goes under contact with a buyer.

Home, Light’s agent platform tracks average DOM and how agents in your area stack up against their competition. Agents awarded with Home, Light’s “Sells Homes Fast” badge are among the top 5% of agents based on average days on market for seller transactions. An agent with hyperlocal expertise will be able to highlight the perks you’ve come to love more easily and authentically to interested buyers.

The best way to tell whether an agent’s experience aligns with your locale is to look for a concentration of past transactions close to your home. Home, Light includes a “Transactions Near You” feature on every one of our real estate agent profiles so you easily can see where an agent does the most business.

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Create the illusion of space by removing shoes, boxes, and stacks of items from your floors. Relocate bulky furniture and move any clutter that won’t fit into storage spaces. If it won’t fit in a closet, the basement, or the garage, it must go to storage. Countertops should be clear of anything not intentionally placed.

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Let’s say you don’t want to prolong the sale process, but you have a bit of flexibility as to when to put your house on the market. Use our Best Time to Sell Calculator to find out the fastest time to sell in your market based on local housing market data.

Watch out for these 3 ‘sell fast’ options Certain routes to selling your home may sound like a shortcut but aren’t what they seem. Here are a few options to avoid: Short sales The main thing you need to know about short sales is that the “short” refers to money, not time.

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As a general rule, short sales take a lot longer to finalize than a regular sale. Short sale agent Brad Wallace, who does business in the Philadelphia area, says: “They call it a short sale, but it’s the furthest thing from a short sale. The quickest short sale I had was probably about four months, and I’ve had short sales that lasted over two years.” Not only will a short sale take a lot longer to complete, most sellers aren’t even eligible to short sell their homes.

So if you want to sell your home fast, a short sale is definitely not the way to go. Auctions If you think auctions are only an option for desperate sellers and banks unloading foreclosure homes, you’re mistaken. Any homeowner can sell their house at an auction. However, there are trade-offs.

Not all properties are ideally situated for auctions either. NAR advises that sellers self-test the market, their home and their financial situation with the Two-Thirds Rule to determine if an auction is the right option. One of the major factors is that your home needs to be carrying a lot of equity — up to 25% — to see any cash from an auction sale.

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According to NAR’s 2020 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers, a mere 8% of recent sellers went the FSBO route. It tends to be an option people choose when they already have a buyer lined up. Of those who did go it alone, 51% already knew the buyer of their home before the transaction, and 30% sold their home to a friend, relative, or neighbor.